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Is That a Flower?

Natalie, I suggest that you look away now.

I really don’t want to show off but I really can’t help myself. I do believe that my plants are approaching puberty.

Look . . . .

Is that a little flower bud coming there? I like to think that it is! And to think that I knew it when it was just a seed.

By way of an update, my crèche now consists of;

8 Bhut Jolokia, 6 Cayenne, 6 Hot Lemon (thanks Elin), 5 Jalapeno, 4 Cheyanne, 3 Piri Piri (?), 3 Habanero (from the ‘Pot Noodle’ style purchase) and 1 Scotch Bonnet. I plan to add others as I find them at nurseries and I will be also giving plants away as there’s no way we have space for this lot when they have all grown up!


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